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Posted on
2 Aug 2016

Service and Repair


In order to keep your bike running smoothly and trouble free, it is important to regularly maintain and service your bike. We have an open workshop and the full range of tools and parts required for fixing your bike.

image Workshop

Complete Bike Servicing

We do complete bike servicing from puncture repair to full overhaul and everything in between.

For an outline of prices please see this List of services MBW

Please note that the prices listed are guide prices only. A more complex or difficult job may incur a further charge, which we will of course endeavour to keep you informed of. As your bike is completed we will get in contact with you.

Suspension Servicing and Tuning

We are able to service and maintain most forks and shocks in house. We can provide spare parts, seals, bushings, springs… please contact us for more details on brands, prices and availability.

That spanner comes out only in extreme cases…