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Posted on
27 Oct 2016

Bike2Work Commuter Bikes

With the bike to work scheme it's super easy to find yourself a suitable commuter bike and we have a great selection that fall well under the €1000 limit

Fist up we have the Kona Dew at €499
"Our base model Dew; the same smooth-riding, confidence-inspiring, smile-cracking frame geometry as the rest of our Dew line but with a component selection that makes this bike profoundly affordable. You'll be laughing out loud as you whiz by car-bound, traffic-stuck commuters, on your way to glory."

Next we have an upgrade from the Dew, the Kona Dewey at €599
"A bike that will never let you down. Through streets, over bridges, past buildings. A bike that won’t cost you much, but will give you tons. Wherever you need to go, however far. Comfort, confident, ready to seize the day. One pedal stroke at a time."
Kona Dewey

We also have a great ladies bike, the Kona Coco at €699
"Style with all the utility any discerning urbanite could want. The lightweight aluminum frame is what any apartment-dwelling commuter could hope for, and the simple drivetrain keeps maintenance to a minimum, while the full fenders ensure any twist in the weather will keep the elements at bay."
Kona Coco

Another great ladies bike is the Dawes Discovery at €570
"Got something to carry? In that case choose the Discovery 201EQ. EQ means equipped and as the name suggests this bike is fitted ready with a host of items to make your journey as pleasant as possible. The 201EQ has a carrier for your pannier bags, kickstand, adjustable stem, comfort suspension seatpost and the full length mudguards mean you can arrive to work without the wet stripe up your back."
Dawes Discovery

Next there is the Kona Splice at €699
"For those looking to smooth out all the undulations of the world, from dirt to road and back again, jump aboard our Splice. With geometry, spec and price that finds a perfect balance between inner-city commuter and light off-road adventure, nothing offers more for less than the Splice."
Kona Splice

And the next is and upgrade form the Splice, the Kona Splice Deluxe at €799
"You want to ride the road, then jump onto gravel, perhaps a quick spot of dirt, then back to road. Ride the bike that makes all of life's many surfaces work, Kona's Splice DL."
Kona Splice DL