Topeak Joe Blow Booster


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The easy way to install tubeless tires! No more frustrating leaks because you can't pump up your tire fast enough to get an effective rim seal. This pump has an integrated aluminum air chamber that stores an air charge of one liter up to 160psi / 11bar to quickly fill and seat your tires. Once the tire is mounted, you can turn the selector from “CHARGE” to “INFLATE” mode to pump air directly into your tire and fine tune pressure as with a standard pump.

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: Click & collect, In-store
  • Brand: Topeak
  • Category: Bike Floor Pumps
  • ID: 259
  • Anodized aluminum barrel with large cylindrical aluminum chamber and durable steel base
  • Oversize padded handle
  • SmartHead™ Head with extra long hose
  • Top mounted analog 160 psi gauge
  • Air bleed button for precise pressure setting
  • Integrated Hose dock
  • 74x25x18.5cm